My name is Tamer Kasoglu. I am the driving force behind Flex Technique. My passion for my job started in 2010, as account manager. In my first job I was responsible to find out the decision making unit of electrical companies, build up good relations and increase the turnover for my employer by providing the right European technicians, recruited by my colleagues.

After 4 years I felt no satisfaction anymore, because I was missing the complete recruitment process. So I decided to apply for my second job where I worked till the end of 2016. During this period at my second employer, I learned a lot about organization and rules about providing European technicians. After this period I still liked my job, but I felt that I was looking for more independency. So I decided to combine my desire for independency with my passion for my job, so in 2017 Flex Technique was born. And I’m proud to do business with well-known companies like Spie Netherland, Eaton Industries and Alewijnse Marine and Industries.

Flex Technique Technical Employment agency is a specialized agency that recruits qualified electricians in Holland and rest of Europe, and employs them on projects in Holland:

Industrial control panel builders;
Industrial electricians;
Marine electricians;

The colors of Flex Technique are standing for young and dynamic company with a fresh and positive vision on the current market. People needs the right attention. That is the basic of service and a good relation.

That’s why the most important USP of Flex Technique is just simplicity and human to human communication. A young. flat and dynamic company that stands for clear, communication, action and positive results. The right man on the right job, that is what matters.

If you have become curious after reading the website and would like to have more information, please feel free to contact (link naar contact pagina) us by phone or email.